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Hints for Models and High School Seniors (or How to Prepare for your Photo Shoot)

What should I bring to my shoot?
Your hair should be styled in the manner most comfortable to you. Cut your hair at least 5 days before the shoot so it has time to fill in and look normal. Bring a hairbrush, comb, hairspray, lip balm (to keep your lips moist), facial and hair products in case you may need a touchup and outfit changes. If music relaxes you bring your favorite CD's or cassettes. You may want to bring personal accessories to include in your photos such as hobby, instrument, sports or academic items, pets (clear this with us first!) or even sunglasses. Anything you want to use as a prop is fine! Bring old photos of yourself so we can see what you like or dislike about them. Also bring photos or magazine clippings of poses you would like to try. Bring a positive attitude! Bad vibes will show in your photos so relax and have fun with us.

What should I wear?
Be sure to wear and bring clothes in which you feel comfortable and in which you feel you look your best. Your clothes should be pressed and clean and look like new. Ask us about specific clothing if you want our advice.

Clean (and manicured) nails are desirable.
Remember appropriate shoes and socks for full-length portraits.

Solid colored clothing, with no brand name or artwork on them. Outfits that show less skin do not distract from your face and are desirable for portraits. Sleeveless tops and shorts are OK for your casual poses if you feel you really look good in them. For headshots wear dark clothing (shirt, sweater or leather item) as they put attention on your face. For glamorous high-key studio photos wear all white or pastels.
Advise us ahead of time if you will be wearing glasses in your photo.

Will my photos be retouched?
Yes! All your selected photos will have light facial retouching. Substantial retouching is available at an extra charge.

How do I prepare for my shoot?
Look at magazines to find "looks" or poses you like then practice them in a mirror. Practice smiling naturally (be relaxed) without forcing it. Look carefully at yourself to determine what you like and don't like in what you see. We want to make you look your best!

Do you do indoor and outdoor portraits?
Yes! We have an indoor studio and do outdoor shots on our 40 acre ranch or at the location of your choosing.

How long will my portrait shoot take?
Allow 2 to 3 hours. Changing outfits, locations and studio lighting take time and your photos are too important to rush. If you choose the "Senior Book" allow about 4 hours to get 30 to 50 great shots of you!

Can I bring a friend?
Sure! Friends and family are welcome! In some portrait packages your friend may be included at no extra charge.

What cool stuff do you have at your studio?
We have year numbers for senior portraits; colored gels for dramatic lighting; high-key accessories for glamour shots; low-key accessories for sober, serious shots; horses and trees and old wood structures for outdoor shots.

What are your hours?
We are ready to shoot your photos whenever you are ready! We shoot by appointment only.

Can you do Black & White photos?
Yes! We can provide B&W or color photos.

Can you do collages?
Yes! B&W photos make great backgrounds with color close-ups as a foreground. Ask about including your baby photo as a background in a collage. Many special digital effects are possible so tell us what you have seen that you like.

Do you guarantee your work?
Yes! Client satisfaction is guaranteed! Since our work is ALL digital, you will see previews of all our images on a laptop computer during your session. It's easy for us to make changes in the images if you so desire.

Can you make a custom package for me?
Yes! If the Senior Specials don’t fit your needs, tell us what you want and we will make a custom package just for you.


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